Kardashian Beauty By Kourtney, Kim & Khloé

Kardashian Beauty by Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé Kardashian offers luxurious products with beauty how-to’s,  insider information and behind the scenes tips provided by the Kardashians and their make-up artists via Twitter and YouTube. The focus of Kardashian Beauty is giving customers the tools to attain flawless looks at home​ with high quality formulas at affordable prices. Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé are among  the most well-known names in the world. With multiple successful brands , TV shows, books, and more, there is no question, that with  the launch of Kardashian Beauty, their profile will continue to flourish.

MALO By Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez occupies the remarkable position of being adored by females who want to be more than just a friend, and respected by males, who want to be his buddy. Mario’s good looks put him solidly in the dreamboat category but his personal warmth and humor give him an approachable quality that is instantly likeable.  Mario’s direct contact with his audience through social media and daily television appearances  will directly  translate to a large audience for fragrance sales due to these factors.



It all started with a letter David Horvath wrote to Sun-Min Kim after she returned to Korea once they had both completed school, long before they were married. That letter had a cartoon of his character Wage at the bottom saying: "Working hard to make our dreams come true so we can be together again soon" next to it. That dream was to tell stories through books and toys. As a surprise gift Sun-Min sewed a doll of Wage, and sent it to David in the mail. David showed Wage to his pal Eric Nakamura, owner of the Giant Robot magazine and store, who thought David was pitching him a product and immediately ordered a few for his shop. David wrote to Sun Min asking her to sew more, while sending emails with stories about the stuffed character. This led to more characters and a massively successful collaboration both personal and professional for the brand now known as UGLYDOLL.


UGLYDOLL is distinguished by its definition of the word "ugly". In the "uglyverse", UGLY means unique and special, and we should celebrate that which makes us different, never hiding the twists or turns which make us who we are, inside and out.


As the Beauty licensee for UGLYDOLL, BOLDFACE Licensing & Branding plans to

capitalize on the philosophy that ugly is the new beautiful-bringing  whimsical high performance, high design products that ensure every day is an ”ugly” day!